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Klaus Johann Grobe gets weird and wonderful on "Out of Reach"

Trouble In Mind Records is home to an array of unique artists, and Klaus Johann Grobe is no exception. On their new single, "Out of Reach," the Swiss duo made up of Sevi Landolt and Daniel Bachmann show off their knack for irresistible bass grooves, slinky electro-funk, and, of course, classic European krautrock. It's some oddball avant-dance music at it's finest. For the music video, Klaus Johann Grobe let their freak flag fly with surreal, retro-futuristic images and hypnotic movements.

To use the word "catchy" would be an understatement with Klaus Johann Grobe. "Out of Reach" feels like a dance-floor banger that had its chorus soaked in psilocybin and pumped full of adrenaline. The groove is undeniably feverish. The bass... Dear Lord, that bass is constantly thumping and growling to the metronomic beat. The haunting, layered synths and chant-like vocals catapult the vibe into the stratosphere. As the track builds to an echoing chorus, there's no doubt that listeners will be peaking. 

As if the track couldn't get any more far out, the video features a freak show of circus-like characters riding unicycles, sporting television sets for heads, and the duo in luchador masks.

"Out of Reach" can be heard on the duo's upcoming full-length Du Bist So Symmetrisch out October 26th on Trouble In Mind Records.

Connect with Klaus Johann Grobe: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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