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Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra create a special Boiler Room performance

Darren Cunningham, otherwise known as Actress, is a unique producer born in South London. Hailing from a city that breeds creativity, he has impressed the electronic and experimental community with every new album. The release of R.I.P. in 2012 is one of those genre defying projects that push the standards to what artists think they know. The 15 track album reflects Actress's interest in industrial patterns, being completely composed on physical machinery. The producer has pushed his ideas further into the unknown ether, with the release of Ghettoville, a 16 track album in 2014. The darker minimal textures are seemingly signature to Actress's style, as he transforms songs into soundscapes.

Now the sonic developer is joining forces with the London Contemporary Orchestra on a collaborative project that veers away from the realm of individual ideas. Actress's unique approach to mechanical music is combined with the collective talent of Britain's most versatile music group. The LCO has experience working with Foals, Johnny Greenwood, Arcade Fire, Nike, and many more. The ensemble of musicians explore new venues, find co-creators, and work with composers to challenge themselves in dynamic ways. The instruments used are string, brass, and alternative tools one might not suspect to see or hear.

The LCO will enhance unreleased sounds and ideas constructed by Actress specifically for this project.The opening performance between LCO and Actress is to be held on February 10th at the Barbican Centre in London, England. The event is made possible thanks to Ninja Tune Records and Boiler Room, who will also be streaming the first show live. Below you can watch a preview of the collaborative efforts already begun and more on Actress's inspiration. 


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