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Cousin Stizz parties four times as hard on "Super Bowl"

Boston native and assumed New England Patriot fan, Cousin Stizz returns with a brand new single that gets into the football spirit of the times. Entitled "Super Bowl," the track is more of a party tune than an anthem for his team; although, one could possibly argue that those terms do share some overlap, but it is not inundated with Beantown pride, like Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" was with Pittsburgh. 

Dumdrumz handles majority of the production on "Super Bowl," nicely meshing a soaring vocal sample with earthquake inducing bass. Stizz rhymes about his daily habits of fucking, drinking, smoking,  working hard, counting bank rolls, and last, but never least, partying like it is the Super Bowl. It is a fun song that will get you hyped right from the beginning. Check it out above.

Hip-Hop · Rap · Southern Trap


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