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Fritz Helder gives us a new mantra with "Force of Nature" [Premiere]

Did you ever have a day where you needed a personal mantra? Where you needed to believe that you were a force of nature? Here, Fritz Helder is announcing it, No one can take away my fire, my force of nature, my enemies are fallin' before, with electronic and world influences. And once you say it, the confidence just runs through your fingers. 

Helder is about to unleash his debut solo project, the Force of Nature EP, which is composed of six original tracks. Force of Nature is set to be revealed in full in September 2016 on the London-based label AVSR. We're pleased to premiere the title track, along with the B-Side "Force of Nature (The Bad Seed Manipulation)" on the site today. 

On his Force of Nature EP Helder said, "This being my first solo endeavor... I feel like my naivete and vulnerability are on full display with this first collection of songs. I'm giving up ghosts of the past and carving out a place of my own. I purposefully ventured away from what I thought people would expect from me..." 



Electronic · Exclusive · Premiere


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