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Bas dances with the devil in new "Housewives" video

This week, J.Cole and the collection of artists under his imprint, Dreamville, surprised hip-hop fans everywhere with the release of their sophomore compilation album, Revenge of the Dreams II. Although only nine tracks long, the project is a testament to the truthfulness of the old adage "quality over quantity." Each record displays the featured artists' continued growth and talent, while at the same time being overwhelmingly in tune with the styles that originally made them some of rap's brightest young stars.

As per usual, Cole's right hand man, Queens MC Bas, is all over the record rapping along with his labelmates. However, his solo track, "Housewives," is perhaps one of the strongest showings on Revenge of the Dreams II; thankfully, they wasted no time in given the lyrical barrage of a song the video treatment. 

In "Housewives," Bas rhymes about being set apart from other rappers in his ability to not showboat or gossip. He rather get the money. It is fitting then that the video is set in a shadowy park, after hours, with only his crew terrorizing the once serene landscape. The video has some occult, "Eyes Wide Shut," influences, with the masked woman (who could represent a plethora of ideas, from "lust" to "the devil"), his hooded friends (disappearing, then reappearing), and the odd ceremony that takes place during his last refrain.

Regardless, it makes for a great video that is definitely worth your time. Check it out Bas' "Housewives" above. 

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