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Nelson's visuals for "CueTheHorns" will bend your brain [Video Premiere]

Whether he's behind the mic or behind the lens, multitalented emcee Nelson is aesthetically on-point and fiercely devoted to his craft. The intersection of Nelson's love for hip hop and film is on full display in his latest video for "CueTheHorns," a psychedelic single off his upcoming SevenYe mixtape. Nelson's far-out lyrics and wavy visuals--he directed and edited the flick--are equally engrossing, as the New Brunswick, New Jersey product seamlessly ghost dances over ColdCutts' ambient, yoga-on-sizzurp trap beat.

Nelson reminds us from the jump that "masters move in silence," a possible allusion to SevenYe being his first release in two years. Judging by the execution of "CueTheHorns," Master Nelson's hiatus was spent inside a creative cocoon, not a colorless padded cell. Check out the video for "CueTheHorns" below and witness a based butterfly spreading his wings.

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