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shy kids deliver intimate live church performance with "TILWU" [Video]

“3 cameras, 3 shy kids, 1 choir, 1 organ, some bells and some magic.” –shy kids

In “Terminally in Love With You” music video, we witness a gripping congregation come together, between the Toronto band mates and group choir!choir!choir! (known for their acapella covers ranging from Tame Impala to John Lennon), taking place at the church the guys grew up with, Ebenezer United. This intimate video, featuring three continuous frames, panning across the harmony of voices, was shot in one day—never having been practiced or played live prior to that.

“TILWY” is lifted off Lofty, an infectiously playful indie-pop album shy kids released a few months ago. Check out their starkly contrasting, sour-patch-explosive video for "rockets" as well below. 

To get better acquainted with your pals, watch this short documentary The Creators Class shot on the DIY nature of this multi-talented trio here.  

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