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Kahmi Wan finally releases his debut project 'Ded Boy', and it bangs

I mention the Nu Age Syndicate so much these days, you guys are probably sick and tired of seeing their name. However, when they keep making music to these kind of levels, there's not a chance that I can't have them grace these pages. This year so far has seen the Floridian crew grow with each and every release, and the latest drop from Kahmi Wan is further evidence that they are set for huge things in the coming years.

Sitting at 5 tracks deep, Ded Boy is more of an EP than a mixtape, but in either case, it bangs. It's a small body of work that shows how good Kahmi is at this rapping game, and puts even more emphasis on the talent that can be found if you dig a little deeper into the rap world. Tracks like "4:56am" hark back to those classic, boom bap vibes that sounds more akin to the New York scene, whereas joints such as "NOIR" & "Lost" have those hard, trap sounds about them, fitting in well with Kahmi's previous efforts. Lyrically I feel this is his best work, and his flow remains on point throughout, providing an engaging listen and showing off his impressive talents. The production on this EP comes from the Chester Watson, Kanisono & Grimm Doza, who all provide disjointed, bumpin' instrumentals for Kahmi to rap over, meaning that the production on this project matches the levels of the rapping. If you haven't listened to Kahmi or anyone else in the Nu Age Syndicate yet, Ded Boy is the best entry point for you to get acquainted. The Syndicate are constantly making huge strides in the rap scene, and this EP is further proof, if ever it was needed, that they truly are on the rise. 

You can stream the dope Ded Boy below, and be sure to keep youe eyes and ears locked onto EARMILK for the latest music from Kahmi and the rest of the Nu Age Syndicate.

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Nü Age
5 years ago

S/o to the man @MiKEWOODMADEiT always showing love!