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Step into the darkness as GAIKA delivers his breathtaking track "Blasphemer"

There's a storm brewing in Manchester, England. A musical storm so big that the city is awash with hype and buzz around their own genre of music that's coming to the forefront now, with some of the most forward thinking sounds to emerge from the UK. This genre is named after the dull tones the sky that overhangs the city is famous for, grey. With artists such as Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple leading the light for this particular sound, it's another name that is making huge waves right now in the city and across the United Kingdom, GAIKA.

Not too much is known about this mysterious figure, emerging out of the depths of the greyness with a genre-bending sound that has the city gripped, especially with the release of his debut single "Blasphemer". Much like the artwork that accompanies this track, "Blasphemer" is a beautifully dark banger that blends genres together creating an ultimately stunning soundscape. With deep, warm bass lines all intertwining, and autotuned vocals that hit deep on his Carribean roots, GAIKA has made a powerful debut that lyrically touches on social issues rife in the world today. This emotionally driven track is the perfect introduction to an artist that is sure to have a bright future, definitely one to keep a close eye on.

You can stream the incredible "Blasphemer" below, and be sure to keep your ears and eyes locked onto EARMILK for all the latest from the mysteriously brilliant GAIKA.

Electronic · Hip-Hop · U.K.


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