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Mac Demarco snowballs his releases with "No Other Heart"

Last week I was excited to share a new track off of personal favorite Mac Demarco's forthcoming album Another One. The track was titled "I've Been Waiting For Her" and showcased the true basics of Demarco's style. A strumming riff that repeats throughout the song, with Demarco's serenading lyrics. Lucky enough Mac decided to drop yet another off of his August 7 project titled "No Other Heart", and this one is much more somber in its meaning.

The thing I dig about this track is that Mac displays more of his talent on the guitar. When I've seen him and his band play, they are more of a jam band then just an indie release artist. This one follows suit with his basics, but hints at small sections of mastery in the beginning of the track. His lyrics tell the story of loneliness, displacement, and depression. He pleads for another try with his love, which is a common concept in Mac's songs. All the while, he builds up to a chorus that explains, "No other heart will do" refusing to settle for anything else. It's quite a beautiful track for only two minutes and fifty-three seconds long.

Take a listen to Mac's new track below, and stay tuned for more releases before the official album drop in August.



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