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Louis Vivet recreates the iconic "Silvia" with a graphic novel to match [Premiere]

Historically, Louis Vivet was the first psychological patient ever diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. But today, Louis Vivet is a production duo that we've gotten to know for their wide ranging and out of the box deep house and downtempo music. 
Recently, we've seen the guys remake nostalgic pop hits like Eagle Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight" into a modern, moody musical movement. It caught on online, inspiring the guys to continue on to totally reconstruct another nostalgic hit, Miike Snow's "Silvia." 

The new re-envisioning of "Silvia" is moving, with fresh and a passionate vocal cover leading the way. To partner with the release of the track, Louis Vivet created a short graphic novel to coordinate with the song. One half of the duo, Nicolas II, has applied his artistic skills to create graphics as a comic demonstrating their interpretation of the song's melancholy roots. The story through graphics, as the song, is dark and left open for further questions and interpretation.
 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-1 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-2 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-3 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-4 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-5 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-6 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-7 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-8 Silvia (Graphic Novel)-Page-9




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