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Lisbon release "Good 2 Me" [Premiere]

With their debut EP entitled Life Is Good due out on August 7th via Think Tank? Records, Whitley Bay, England four-piece Lisbon are set to leave their mark on the alternative indie scene. Lisbon look to explore the strong emotions found in youth and growing older on their forthcoming EP, including the never-ending search for recognition and obsessions with pop culture. Having already released a string of successful singles that most recently included the energetic, Game of Thrones inspired track "Khaleesi", we bring you their newest electronic focused song "Good 2 Me".

Quickly kicking into gear, "Good 2 Me" features swelling electronic melodies and synths that fuel the vocals and set a buoyant edge. As the lyrics imply, "Good 2 Me" revolves around the idea of blinding love that generally only exists in our youth and movies, before we've been around the block. As a whole, "Good 2 Me" keeps to its happy-go-lucky vibe while also remaining realistic, a mental state that we should all carry on the day to day.

Preorder Life Is Good on iTunes here.


Life Is Good EP

  • Think Tank? Records
  • 08-07-2015


Alternative · Exclusive · Indie · Premiere · Synth


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Hollie Thomas
6 years ago

@wearelisbon tasty tasty

6 years ago

@wearelisbon tasty tasty

Ricky Sawyer
6 years ago

@wearelisbon you've upped your game my friends!

6 years ago

@wearelisbon NEXT LEVEL BOYS X