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DeQn Sue presents stunning singing and songwriting on 'Snack' EP [Premiere]

DeQn Sue is an artist whose story is just as appealing as her music. Growing up in the south, she's looked to all sorts of inspiration for her art, looking at everything from classical poetry to singing in her church growing up to fuel her singing and songwriting passion. In her music, it's her aim to create art that's timeless, something that she can be proud of in any years to come, and classic outside of any trend.
That's what we see with her latest EP release, Snack. Due out tomorrow, July 21st, the Ep features a lead single entitled "Bloody Monster," a dynamic pop track with notes of everything from vaudeville to Motown, along with four other stunning tracks.
"Calimazoo" and "Aspire" both exhibit an almost 1960's veiling of an atmospheric song, showing off DeQn's vocal range as well. "Glass" has a gritty, 1980's take on melancholy with a futuristic execution.
Each track paired with one another creates a well-rounded EP that we are proud to present as a first-listen. Check it out and join us in looking forward to hearing more from DeQn Sue.


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