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ODESZA tinkers with Emancipator's "Eve II" [Premiere

We're in a time where the electronic music scene is flush with diverse sounds and styles. Of course, you'll always have those heavy hitters you see in the media and press. However, it's the artists lingering in the shadows who are the ones about to burst into the scene at any moment. And if not, they already have. Douglas Appling, a.k.a. Emancipator, is a producer and musician based in Portland, Oregon. Unlike many huge-named electronic artists you hear of these days, you won't find the likes of him in festivals like Ultra. Emancipator is all about that organic, downtempo vibe. No oversaturated bass and drops here. He's fond of keeping it smooth for the ears, and we love him for that. Heavy dance tunes and bangers that are cranked out everyday by everyone can get a little overwhelming and a little dry. With Emancipator being on the move, he is set to take the next year by storm with thorough touring and many releases.

Today, we bring you ODESZA's version of "Eve II", a song from Emancipator's album Dusk To Dawn released back in 2013. ODESZA, in case if you are living under a rock, is an electronic duo who has been taking electronic music scene by force. With two critically acclaimed albums and many remixes to boot, they can only do wonders to "Eve II". Compared to the original version, ODESZA takes it up a notch by strengthening the beat and stripping down the ethereal ambiance. They don't completely wash away Emancipator's organic undertone, though ODESZA re-imagines his sound in a way that is reminiscent of the style they used in Summer's Gone. The remix has a wonderful balance, as you can either dance or mellow out to depending on how you want to rock your boat. This particular remix is but a teaser for the complete rework of Emancipator's Dusk To Dawn, which will involved many artists of different backgrounds. The album will hit masses July 8 via Emancipator's own record label Loci Records.    

You snooze, you lose. Be the first of your friends to hear ODESZA's remix of "Eve II" below. 


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