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A look into the vocal inspiration on Don Diablo's "On My Mind"

This week's latest track from future electro soul house music industry leader Don Diablo is the perfect chance to give a little history lesson. "On My Mind" possesses many appealing qualities from the latest trends in dance music, along with an 80's synth pop-inspired breakdown, but the story behind the vocal might be the more interesting piece of the story.

You might recognize "When I think about you / My feelings can't explain" pretty quickly. The vocal has a long history, dating back to 1999 - perfectly fitting for the amount of 90's and early 2000's inspiration that producers are taking from in the current environment. Also fitting is the forthcoming return of its original producer Junior Jack, to reclaim the notoriety he had in the day of his massive, industry-defining hits like "My Feeling" and "Solidisco." "My Feeling," of course, is the origin of this vocal, and with its classic disco style was a standard that became timeless.

As Don Diablo himself reminded us, the true original of this vocal was done with a little bit of a different tune, originally in the 1984 R&B release from Cherelle and Alexander O'Neal on "Saturday Love."


Nearly ten years after Junior Jack revamped the vocal came the revival of "My Feeling" for the next generation of dance music in 2010, this time covered by Yenson and Deniz Koyu. You might recognize this version, as it's still a favorite to this day of DJs like Avicii, proving its timelessness throughout the decades and music trends.

And it's clear Don Diablo is ready to bring a new version of "My Feeling" back for this summer.

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Don Diablo
5 years ago

Nice piece guys! And...if you dig even a lil' deeper u will find the true source: Cherrelle and Alexander O'Neal's "Saturday Love".