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Wayward's new remix of Frances' "Grow" is beyond beautiful [Premiere]

Earlier this week we covered Oceaán's remix of Frances' "Grow," and we were falling totally in love with both the original artist and the remixer, but we're super excited to bring a new remix of the song for you on this Friday. 

The production duo Wayward seriously know how to play with the beautiful vocals, dancing between both experimental and dance lines. While the hashtag for the piece is marked tropical, it's definitely much much more than that simple word suggests. The track is complex and well-rounded; an easy listening piece that will bode well for those looking to wind down this Friday. 

Check out the track below! 




Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 09.13.33


Grow (Wayward Remix)

  • July 3, 2015



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