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Nicolas Jaar returns with the surreal 'Nymphs II' EP

Nicolas Jaar is always up to something, splitting his time recently between his label, Other People, and some soundtrack and remix work.  However, it's been quite a while since we heard from his band, Darkside, and even longer since his breakthrough solo album, Space Is Only Noise.  That changed about a week ago, as Jaar released the Nymphs II EP, a two-track affair revealing an interesting new chapter in his brand of decaying dancefloor elegance.  

Clocking in at around fifteen minutes, Nymphs II opens with "The three sides of Audrey and why she's all alone now," with winsome, pleading vocal smears scattered over a variety of experimental diversions and tangents.  Every decision is calculated, though, and there's so much constant change happening that it requires close attention to fully grasp.  The tempo picks up for the second half of the EP, "No one is looking at U" (feat. Lorraine), but this too eventually slides back to a brooding collage of sound.  Jaar once again proves that he's in a league of his own in the electronic scene, and that he can always be counted on to push the envelope of what dance music can be.



Electronic · Experimental


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