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Khary Durgans goes in rapping about absolutely nothing on "Came Up"

Khary Durgans made some interesting waves last year, thanks to the release of his nautical themed EP, Love + Anchors, and his noticeably more grounded EP, Swim Team. He is slowly maturing and growing into his own lyrical talent. Rather than inundate every track with emotional weightiness, he has begun to understand that fun bars can have just as much impact on listeners. Every new song finds Durgans spitting with more authority, confidence, and wit, which makes him more interesting to follow. His latest, "Came Up," displays all of this and more, elevating it to one of his best releases thus far.

"Came Up" is just Khary spitting for three minutes straight, about literally whatever comes to mind. In a surprising turn of event, his hook is by far the most catchy portion of the song: "I came in and I came up/same way that I came out." It is deceptively simple and clever. There is no theme outside of just having fun rapping, which can be felt through the tracks, but especially during certain moments when he drops an inside joke. The way he randomly sounds defeated with the knowledge that he may look like Jaden Smith is hilarious, definitely a highlight. Falside's production is on point, the synthesizers make it sound like Khary is the protagonist of 90's sidescroller.

"Came Up" is a solid record, one that should give Swim Team fans a reason to be excited for the future.

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