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Kulkid and Bender make their mark on "Coco" [Download]

Ed Sheeran might not be someone easily associated with dance music. But this week, Paris's Kulkid has released a bootleg of the track "Coco" that has seen wild popularity in his live performances. We've learned to look to the Parisian producer and DJ for a unique French worldview on an avant garde version of future house, something he's deemed "kul house" for lack of better adjectives. He's applied that same perspective to Sheeran's "Coco," delivering the futuristic, hip hop-infused production on the "Day" version of the bootleg, and classic piano-driven house on the "Night" version of the track. The "Night" version includes help from New Jersey's Bender, bringing the energy down to a dirty, gritty, tech and garage level. Both are available for free download, they're a refreshing take on the song, each in their own right.

Dance · Electronic · Garage · House · Tech House


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5 years ago

@BenderMusic_ thanks for the love guys ❤️