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MXMS' debut video for 'OMG' is as dark as it is stunning [Video Premiere]

It isn’t often we get videos like this. Most sad songs seem to get paired with videos of tears or rain. MXMS’ video for "OMG" is so raw in its pain that it bleeds with authenticity. The song itself is achingly melancholy in the most beautiful way. Ariel Levitan’s vocals of the new American duo are enchanting and heart breaking. The piano played by Jeremy Dawson is the perfect instrument to feed into the depths of this song.

The video exposes the sense of vulnerability and exemplifies it in high contrast black and white. The scene that unfolds, paired with the style of the duo themselves and the music all act as a united front to plunge the viewer into the full scope of the song. The lyrics are reflective of a devouring sense of loneliness that is destructive to a fatal degree. The crushing sense of loss is even nuanced in subtler elements like the piano playing with no pianist.


MXMS is currently on tour playing the following dates:


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