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Slow Magic graces us with a new take on Kodak to Graph's "IAMANTHEM" [Premiere]

Kodak to Graph is the moniker of Michael Maleki, a young production wiz that recently emerged out of Florida.  His latest release, the ISA LP, sees him jumping from propulsive hip-hop tracks to lush, nature-sampling electronica without breaking a sweat.  Recently he's been busy touring the U.S., but he's also preparing a remix EP with some big names on the bill.  Big Wild and Com Truise will offer up remixes, and you can hear Slow Magic's take on "IAMANTHEM" below right now.

"IAMANTHEM" was a bit of an exception to the rule on ISA, combining disparate elements like popular rap samples and middle-eastern instrumentation.  The album is full of great tracks, but this one in particular is where Maleki's unique style is most impressively on display.  One might have expected Slow Magic to choose a calmer, dreamier track to remix, but that would have been too easy.  He adds horns and his trademark, buzzing synth blasts, and even changes the vocal samples significantly, including the old adage "one thing 'bout music, when it hits you feel no pain."  So true, especially when it hits this hard.  

You can download the ISA LP for free over on Kodak to Graph's Soundcloud, and look out for the remix EP when it drops via FAMILY for fre next week.



Slow Magic Remix v1

Kodak to Graph

"IAMANTHEM" (Slow Magic remix) [Premiere]

  • Family Records
  • 'ISA' remix EP out 5/19


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