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Vicetone tackles "Come Back To Me" from Urban Cone and Tove Lo

2015 has proven boundless for production duo Vicetone. Still riding the wave from their release of "United We Dance" at the beginning of the year, the duo continued to impress their fans with "Follow Me," (the anthem for Ultra Music Festival in Miami) a handful of other notable releases, and now their edit for Urban Cone and Tove Lo's "Come Back To Me." I don't think they can be stopped.

Urban Cone's vocals (and Tove Lo's too) beg to be spun into a fun summer dance track. Their original track is versatile enough that this remix could have gone in any number or directions, but Vicetone clearly picked the best route. Warm up those vocal pipes of yours, you're definitely going to want to be singing along to this one!

Purchase the original "Come Back To Me" track on iTunes here.


Urban Cone (Feat. Tove Lo)

"Come Back To Me" (Vicetone Remix)



Dance · Indie Dance


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