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CharlestheFirst enlightens us with 'The Wanderer'

Young producer CharlestheFirst ups the ante with his full length album The Wanderer. Each of the twelve unique tracks carries a strategic energy that will envelop any listener's attention. As CharlestheFirst showcases his evident comfort working with a multitude of genres, the album almost becomes experiential to your senses. You can feel the throbbing bass in "breathe", see happiness in "terra, flux", and even mentally wander around to "vijja" with a presence from Oski.

Charles describes this project as coming to fruition during a personally trying time, but that it helped him re-establish his creative motivation. It's interesting to hear how Charles' environment plays a role in his sound. Based out of Truckee, California, you can hear nature's influences on his music as the electronic productions span from psychedelic to hip-hop beats. Give the LP a listen below, you're not going to want to miss this.

Get your hands on The Wanderer, and other projects from CharlestheFirst, on Bandcamp here.

Ambient · Bass · Electronic · Psychedelic · Trap


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