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William Bolton's "On My Mind" is your essential summer tune

Summer is finally upon us and who better to provide the soundtrack than William Bolton? The young Boston native has made some serious power moves as of late, connecting with the extremely talented Ryan Leslie while building his own fan base with a multitude of fresh tracks. If you've been sleeping on the kid, know that he's about to be a big deal. There are few joints that truthfully exemplify what summer is all about ( aka every joint from the poet laureate Will Smith)  and "On My Mind" is right up there in that mix. Its easygoing, brezzy nature transports you to a bright summer afternoon without a care in the world. The track in particular has Bolton going through a "99 Problems-esque" scenario with the police, but he doesn't let the event kill the moment.  

"On My Mind" will be featured on Bolton's upcoming project Love Supreme. There's no word as to when it's dropping, but expect some great music from him real soon. In the meantime, check out his Soundcloud page before he makes some serious power moves. 



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