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Jump in to Big Wild's "Aftergold" special, the second release for 'Foreign Family Collective'

Odesza's new curated record label Foreign Family Collective has uploaded it's second official release, "Aftergold", a track laden with rich brass trumpets, rumbling percussion scores, and delicate violins. As if drumming against empty Mason jars and wind chimes, Big Wild creates a cinematic experience that easily blends into a joyous bass line and beat. "Aftergold" is what you would anticipate during the release of a million lanterns during a festival evening, where the sky is painted about every hue of the rainbow. I would melt in the beauty of humanity and Mother Nature listening to this song and turn a tribal rain chant into contemporary dance. Foreign Family Collective is heavily inspired by Odesza's sophomore album In Return but also by the enchantment of the natural phenomenon.

Big Wild is on tour this year along with Kodak Graph and OBESON. He's still making stops in Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix and more. Visit his website to get tickets and prepare yourself for a grand time.


Big Wild


  • Foreign Family Collective
  • April 21, 2015



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