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Flying Fortress and Micha Vellian resurrect the Fugees on thumping "Ready Or Not" remix [Premiere]

Washington D.C.-based producers Erik Anderson (the founder of DRKarts Collective and also known as Flying Fortress) and Micah Vellian (best known as a Volta Bureau member) have come together to bring new life, and heavy bass, to the Fugees' "Ready Or Not."  The track starts out similarly enough to the original, with Lauryn Hill singing the song's chorus over sinister synth riffs and Enya's haunting vocals from the original track.  Then bass and percussion kick in, ramping up to a chopped-up chorus over an intense dance beat.  The song climbs up from there, as Flying Fortress and Micah Vellian add more dynamic elements and layers to get things bumping before the song devolves into an all-out thumping banger.   The mix culminates with a sample of Luniz's "I Got 5 On It" before "Ready Or Not" filters back in for a few melodic measures then bass takes over one last time.  The track closes out with a bit of bass, some Enya and that lingering darkness from the beginning.  I guess they don't call it DRKarts for nothing. 


The Fugees

Ready or Not (Flying Fortress X Micah Vellian Remix)

  • DRKarts
  • April 22, 2015


Dance · Deep House


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