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Technicolor Lenses and GDP loop us around on "Circle" [Premiere]

This new collaboration by Brooklyn based electronic group Technicolor Lenses and rapper GDP loops us around the way that I imagine time would, if it were always slowed down and infinitely smooth. Add in some choir samples as an intro and we've got an alternative winner, but these two always keep it semi-DIY regardless of wall to wall packed shows or climbing Soundcloud plays. And maybe that's just the Brooklyn in them, the ability to keep it real and grass roots, from the bottom up and sometimes around the block. On the track GDP claims "not to be a poet," but there's always some lyricism in the struggles of the streets. 

To call Technicolor Lenses only "electronic"  or "hip-hop" would be an understatement because there are also world, EDM and bass influences to the group. If you're an NYC local you can catch them at the Knitting Factory this Saturday along with Esseks, Borahm Lee (who's shared the stage with Pretty Lights and Break Science), Hoopsie Daisies and The Weekend Money boys. 




Electronic · Hip-Hop · Premiere


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