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LEO loses itself in "Stopping To Start" [Premiere]

LEO, from Portland, Oregon, started as a one woman band. Megan McGeorge would play and record piano, vocals, percussion, and even french horn parts herself to create her desired sound. Now, McGeorge has assembled a full band to help create her musical vision. LEO's first single as a unit is titled "Stopping To Start." 

"Stopping to Start is a conceptual interpretation of losing yourself in a relationship," says McGeorge. "Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's bad thing....the tension and balance/unbalance that happens over and over can be tough and beautiful and electrifying." "Stopping To Start" is driven by the melodic vocals of McGeorge hovering over whimsically layered guitars. They also incorporate a vintage wurlitzer to keep time and add dimension and character to the tune's spectrum of sound. 

"Stopping To Start" is off of LEO's first full-length album, which the band is in the process of completing in the studio. 


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