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Feels Friday 008 [Make Love or Break Love]

Music in it's simplest, most basic purpose is to convey and express oneself through an arrangement of sounds. Though the definition of music can vary from people to social contexts, we can all agree that it directly affects our emotions one way or another. Whether if it drops you into a sob-fest or shoots you into pure ecstasy, music is made to change how you feel. It's no mystery why you tend to choose happy-go-lucky songs on a beautiful day, or why you seek out dark songs on the worst day of your life. We honor those who make it their mission to stir the big pot of emotions in this week's volume of Feels Friday.

That day of the year is upon us again. Yeah, you know what day. Valentine's Day is where we celebrate our significant other by showing affection with the sorts. It's a great day for couples, and a not so great day for those on the market or those about to be put up for sale. Love is what makes us human. It's what makes the world operate, or potentially destroys it. Whatever the case may be, love is highly sought after and it's what makes us whole. Below are 50 tracks we chose for you to use on the big day. It's a gigantic grab bag of tunes, so settle in and pour yourself a glass of wine or two.


Make Love

Ah, love. Do you hear that? Birds are chirping and the sun is out. You got that cutie all to yourself. You got plans for the perfect day, but you have no idea what music to listen to. Step back and take a swig of that wine because below, there are 25 heart-melting, steamy tunes at the ready. Go get em, champ. 


Break Love

Love must be nurtured. When it isn't, it can turn on you. Those of you lucky enough to not have felt this before, we are envious of you. Broken love can take on many forms. Whether it is sweet, stinging, sour, bitter, salty, or just plain wrong, you'll be able to find a song or two below to speak to your torn heart and soul. We're here for you. 


Happy V'Day y'all!

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