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Revive Us welcomes all to "Berkshire" (Feat. Adam Woollard) [Premiere]

There's a ton of buzz about the Grammys right now, and it may seem like a "crowded" time to blog about new tunes. However, I find new music without the obligation of agreeing with the awards show, and with that attitude comes some irrefutable gems. So here's my first share post-Grammys, coming to you straight from the UK's Revive Us.

Englishman Chris Davis is the mastermind behind the moniker, and derives a portion of his style from fellow countrymen Disclosure. Chris' music is more on the pop side, but with good reason. He stems from deep house but marries the genre to pop. "Berkshire" boasts a digital theme, as if it were extracted straight from a modern day (much more intensive) version of Super Mario Bros. Chris teamed up with Adam Woollard on this, showing two heads are better than one in the production game.

After successful remixes among others on his discography, Davis set out to create something original. His debut EP Say You Do is out March 9th via Octal Sound



Revive Us

"Berkshire" (Feat. Adam Woollard)

  • Octal Sound
  • February 9


Dance · Deep House · Exclusive · Pop


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