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Sapele wins Benny Benassi and Serj Tankian's "Shooting Helicopters" remix competition, scores Ultra release [Exclusive Download]

Five months back Benny Benassi partnered with distinguished vocalist Serj Tankian to produce the driving dance track "Shooting Helicopters". In true Benassi fashion, the work dipped through refined grinds and rose through sharp climbs, all the while leveraging Tankian's distinct voice for even greater effect on the Ultra release. With such recognizable elements in the track, it seemed ripe for remixing, and so Benassi struck out on his first ever fan-driven remix contest right here at EARMILK. 

After combing through the lengthy list of submissions, one artist consistently appeared on everyone's list. That artist is Sapele, a Swedish producer who took "Shooting Helicopters" and transformed it into a chilled-out rendition fitting for late night sets and hang out seshs. An innate musicality shines through the young, Stockholm-based musician's work, embodied in the newfound guitar melodies and minimal percussion.

Enjoy the free download for only 48 hours and be sure to keep an eye out for an official release via Ultra, which we hear may be coming in the not too distant future. 

benny benassi sapele

Benny Benassi ft. Serj Tankian

"Shooting Helicopters" (Sapele remix)

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  • 2015-02-09


Chillout · Dance · Exclusive


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