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Ayo Alex proves to us why "You Like Me" in his latest remix [Premiere]

Rising producer Ayo Alex originally got his big break when he won The Chainsmokers' remix contest for their second original single “Kanye.” After hearing his music we were sold and asked him to curate a playlist for our Thanksigiving mix series called Tryptophan Jams. Ayo has a way of blending hip-hop with modern dance sounds, exploring future beats, minimal arrangements and at times lo-fi sensibilities. His latest remix is of Paris Jones’ “You Like Me” and it has a melodic and distorted vibe that will make feel as though you are swimming through a pool of molasses surrounded by champagne dreams. Ayo if the title of your remix is a question, our answer is undoubtedly “yes.”

ayo do you

Paris Jones’

You Like Me (Ayo Alex remix)



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