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"We Are Ready" for new music from Figure this year [Download]

If you've ever experienced a live Figure set then you'll probably have an idea of what to expect. The ground trembles under your feet and your teeth throttle in your jaw, as a copious amount of bass shocks your ribcage. Now match this sensation with a visual assault from Figure's latest Terrorvision Tour. This combination of senses is what composes a typical Figure set and is whats kept him constantly innovative in the electronic music industry. 

Figure is one of bass music's most reliable artists, since he manages to keep his fanbase captivated with every release. The start of 2015 saw a six track remix EP of selected songs from his Monsters Volume 5 album. Now he has released the first single from his upcoming album titled "We Are Ready". 

The song starts in a frenzy of fast paced synths that turns into a screeching soundscape. There is a creepy female vocal, which creates a suspenseful crescendo into a second wave of Figure's fury. It's a high intensity track that brings out a separate side of Figure, distinct from his usual bass heavy work. You can grab a free download of the track below and see a visually coordinated video made for the track. 

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"We Are Ready"

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