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Genevieve gets introspective on "Human Again"

Songstress Genevieve has been handling her debut Show Your Colors methodically like a pro, one release at a time. Forget Company of Thieves, she's now a one woman show and we're loving it. We first found her on the triumphant track "Colors," where I was flooded with memories of girl power movies, and shaking my funky colored locks in front of the mirror as I sing into a hairbrush. Her latest, "Human Again" is a completely different vibe and shows the singer's versatility, much more alty than the first with enough pop influences to keep things catchy.

But like "Colors," it still has that euphoric feel to it that we think will become Genevieve's trademark in her solo work. The singer gets way more personal on "Human Again," delving into family ties and what it means to wear white and be a yes girl. And while she expresses some pain in the well-layered vocals, I'm going to say that this one is introspective instead of melancholy. A steady, subtle beat, delicate synths and the resounding chorus behind her only adds to the musical exploration of her humanity. 






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