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The Weeknd shares an appropriately-themed 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' video for soundtrack single "Earned It"

The Weeknd's song material has delved into sex and drugs since he burst onto the scene with his House Of Balloons mixtape, so it's no surprise that he was asked to contribute to the raunchy Fifty Shades Of Grey movie soundtrack.

"Earned It" doesn't stray too far from The Weeknd's normal material and the video is full of enough T&A to make a viewer blush. Dressed in a pristine suit, the Toronto crooner flexes his vocal range while a group of women covered in little-to-no clothing dance behind him.

And it turns out Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele doesn't need Christian Grey around in order to strip down. The actress appears almost naked twirling from ropes & long pieces of cloth. Add in a little bondage and it's a twisted fantasy come to life. Watch this one when you get home from work to unwind.

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