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Fat Sushi bring us into the 'Warehouse' with new EP

Nowadays, it is quite common for dance music producers to combine forces and release music under a shared vision, but what is not so common is for their visions to merge as well as Swiss duo Fat Sushi, known for their old-school style beats and powerful yet slightly funky basslines since their inception in early 2013. Earlier this week, Fat Sushi released their debut Suara EP, Warehouse, which is overflowing with tech house bliss.

In the title track, "Warehouse," Fat Sushi sets the tone with a driving beat and some crisp percussion, while the exceptionally catchy melody lends itself to the pushing vibe inherent in the track. Fat Sushi ties it all together with some sparsely used piano chords in this track that will keep you dancing long after everyone else goes home.

As its title would suggest, the second track of the EP, "The Groove," was made for the dance floor. Fat Sushi sets the tone with a driving beat and some sharp percussion while the lower end gets into a heavy groove that commands the track. The repeated vocal loop present throughout feeds into the high energy of the track, helping to create a dynamic tech house release.

This is definitely one EP that you will not want to miss. Pick up a copy today on Beatport.


fat sushi

Fat Sushi

Warehouse EP

  • Suara
  • 2015-01-19


Dance · Tech House


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