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Citizens bring in the New Year with "Lighten Up" [Video]

British indie-rock quartet Citizens have released their new music video for "Lighten Up" to prepare for a full-length album due to drop in the spring. And in some ways it feels like one big celebration to usher in the new year. Directed by Focus Creep of the Arctic Monkey's "R U Mine?" music video, the scenes are all soft, muted colors interspersed with moments of self-reflection. But in the end it all just turns into one big party, complete with bottles and beautiful women. It's easy to see why Focus Creep took an interest in Citizens, as they seem to share some of the same upbeat yet soul-bearing tendencies of the Arctic Monkeys. The video itself has a unique twist in that an interactive format -available on Firefox– allows the viewer to create their own interpretations of the hopeful music and imagery. 

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