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Hear the title track from Melrose Zee's new 'Palisades' EP

Melrose Zee is a producer with a sound that mixes the old with the new; on his new Palisades EP he takes the bright, pixelated sounds of artists like Rustie and Lone and then filters them back through a more classic hip-hop formula.  While those artists often seemed to be soundtracking some spastic, off-the-wall sugar rush, Melrose Zee keeps things simple, making the Palisades EP equally lethal as an instrumental release or a hypothetical rapper's beat tape.

The EP's title track is a prime example, it's twinkling melodies and Cashmere Cat-esque strut just begging for an emcee to lay some bars on top.  Check out the whole EP over at Melrose Zee's Soundcloud, and keep an eye out for a rumored collaboration with Sir Michael Rocks.



Melrose Zee


  • self-released
  • 'Palisades' EP out now


Electronic · Hip-Hop


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