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Reuben Keeney puts his spin on Jasmine Thompson's remake of "Sweet Child Of Mine" [Download]

They say your best work is when you do what you love and what you know, right? Well Irish DJ and producer Reuben Keeney has been on a kick of doing just that and remixing songs that he just can't resist working with. This time it's not just a straightforward story, though, as he's worked on another artist imagining of a song, coming from a similar place as his own. London singer Jasmine Thompson has made a name for herself on the web by covering classic hits, and did her own version of Guns N Roses's "Sweet Child of Mine." Keeney heard it, fell in love and decided to put his own spin on the update to the iconic rock track. The result is a soothing, pop-led, deep house-influenced track that is a reminder of why the original was just so good. Check it out below.

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