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Rock with the prince, Floria's new single "21" [Download]

Tristan Agostino, the Brisbane producer known as Floria, released his new single "21" via Pilerats' Rat Pack #2 compilation (alongside respected talents like UV Boi, Daktyl, Sable, and Moon Boots). "21" was written a year ago, but it makes sense that Agostino was waiting for the right time to drop this, because he's blended R&B with electronic/bass elements in an incredibly avant-garde style. This unique sensibility is also showcased in the last single he dropped, "Bring it Back," where we hear Agostino incorporate some Mandarin as he croons over an enchanting melody.

In "21," heavy, industrial bangs, and a barrage of laser beams, are mingled with Agostino's amorous vocals (which are no less commanding) to produce an utterly staggering result. Ladies, go ahead and "just rock with the Prince." Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming Aussie, who is set to release his debut mixtape this coming year.



Electronic · Future Beat · R&B


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