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Zhu and Goldlink drop Paradise Awaits. Part 2

Here's an unexpected collaboration found on my Soundcloud feed today. The rising stars Goldlink and Zhu have gotten together in perfect fashion on Zhu's hit "Paradise Awaits," delivering us 'Part 2' of the single. Like most hip-hop tracks where the word remix first came about when new rappers would jump on a beat, this link-up is certainly gold (pun intended). The production of Zhu, mixed with Goldlink's effortless flow is both effortlessly sexy and edgy. Pulling lyrics from Siscos "Thong Song" are just some of the unexpected elements going on here and I'm not complaining. Maybe these two will give us some original music soon? I'd like to hope so.




Paradise Awaits. Part 2 Ft. Goldlink

  • Mind Of A Genius
  • 15-14-2015


Dance · Hip-Hop


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