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Royal breaks out in official remix of Tegan & Sara's "So Jealous"

It all has lead up to this. All of those past months covering Washington, DC native Royal, as he has shamelessly "started from the bottom" and now he's here. His breakout moment is upon us, and I'm ecstatic it's in collaboration with pop duo and twin sister group Tegan and Sara. 

His productions have been garnering attention for quite some time, with each new drop giving him an extra push to become better. I've witnessed his talent progress from the start, and it's probably the first time I've had first hand knowledge of his process, start to finish. Today he releases a remix of title track "So Jealous" that will knock your socks off. When I first heard the preview link, I was legitimately startled by the first drop. It sneaks up on you, and crashes through the speakers almost in physical form. It's a nice analogy to the young producer's career.

Royal's remix is featured on Tegan and Sara's special edition release of  "So Jealous", which you can purchase here. The bonus audio includes not only the remixes, but also demos and covers, one hailing from The White Stripes?! Take a listen to Royal's version of "So Jealous" below, and pre-order "So Jealous" when you have a chance.



"So Jealous" Remix

  • December 12


Bass · Dance · Electro Pop · Electronic · Pop · Trap


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