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Marian Hill want us to know whose "Lips" you crave

Whenever I see the name Marian Hill grace my inbox or pop up on my Soundcloud feed I get a bit excited, because I never know what to expect from the duo. About a year ago I came across the Philly pair with their single "Whisky," it was calm, cool, seductive and everything you could ask for when being introduced to a new band. Not to mention the tag R&B/Hip-hop threw me for a loop, because the single is so much more. With electronic stylings and hip-hop flair, you could tell they were onto something new, or as we always hope for with any artist; a sound they can call their own. 

Now being heralded as a electronic pop duo they returned just the other day with their new A-Side track “"Lips”", out now on 7” vinyl via B3SCI Records. Once again smashing it, the pair perfectly combine the sizzling sounds of soul with electronic under tones, bringing to mind images of a songstress in a dark lit jazz bar who seduces the audience with her first note as smoke fills the air and everyone begins to get a bit more cozy. 

If you love what these guys have been putting out, then there is no doubt you'll be loving this one as well. Now for the real debate, tell us whose lips you crave?

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Marian Hill


  • B3SCI Records
  • 30-11-2014




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6 years ago

@MarianHillMusic really beautiful voice!

6 years ago

@MarianHillMusic really beautiful voice!