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Snowglobe Music Festival 2014: Get To Know Woolymammoth [Exclusive Mixtape]

Goddamn I love winter.  I am incredibly stoked (likely far too stoked) to get my dad on this holiday season: Christmas caroling, ugly sweaters, the whole kit and caboodle (not to mention using phrases like "the whole kit and caboodle). One thing I thought I was going to miss about summer & fall, however, was all of the festivals going on - then I saw the lineup for Snowglobe this year and all of those feelings vanished immediately. Check it out here.

Basically, Snowglobe is an event that highlights some of the biggest, best, and brightest acts in the game (SkrillexDisclosure, Porter RobinsonFlume, and Zedd to name a few), and because of it's timing and location in S. Lake Tahoe, eliminates a lot of the sh***y aspects of attending a festival. For example, the cold weather not only keeps crowds from overheating, it also discourages people from wearing those stupid, skimpy rave outfits: win.

To get you all hyped, we've put together a small mix series to highlight some artists we think deserve some recognition, and hopefully give you a better idea of the talent being showcased (we'll be putting out a festival guide as well, don't worry). First up is Woolymammoth: eighteen-year-old trap lord who has just recently started getting some well-deserved recognition. As you'll hear in his mix, this is definitely the act you want to roll up to if you're trying to get your lean on: 100% hood/trap slaps from start to finish. I highly encourage you to put this kid on your radar - I guarantee you won't regret it. Get excited and be on the lookout for more info!


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s h i l o h
6 years ago

@itsSnowGlobe @WoolymammothOff I'm def going to this set

s h i l o h
6 years ago

@itsSnowGlobe @WoolymammothOff I'm def going to this set