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Warpaint and Daughter cross up in one-off remixes of each other

It's rather interesting when artists across the world link up while on tour or at a show, especially when they congregate somewhere in the middle. UK based band Daughter and Los Angeles band Warpaint have always had a shared admiration, but it wasn't until one fateful day in Australia that the band met their share destiny… As friends.

Due to both of the groups being wildly popular within their own music junkie realms, and the distance of homelands being a huge factor, it was only right for them to rework each other's projects. Daughter of course went a more ambient route with their remix of Warpaint's "Feeling Alright." It's truly impressive to hear their spin on one of my personal favorites. It's cliche, but it sounds like a music baby was born.

Warpaint went with Daughter's "Winter" and went with a percussion driven vibe. I love the fact they created an opposite to their counterpart. The track is much faster and utilizes a totally different style to indie. I'm more than joyous to have two favorites come together for such an occasion.

Both remixes are available to hear online as well as available to buy digitally today. Take a listen below, and cross your fingers we something like this again soon.


Warpaint & Daughter

"Winter" and "Feeling Alright" Remixes

  • December 1


Alternative · Chillout · Dreamwave · Indie


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