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Monogem goes minimalist on Miguel's "Simple Things" cover [Download]

I first found LA based duo Monogem on their mysterious track "Follow You" early last summer and have been a bit of a cult follower ever since. New cover "Simple Things," is the first that I've heard by the group and it shows the musical range vocalist Jen Hirsh and producer Scott Smith possess. They cover R&B singer Miguel's rendition with authority, yet put their own alt-electronica, disco and 80's spin on what was originally a more "pop" song. 

The premise of this one is universal and very, very simple. Everyone wants to love- and be loved- for who they are. If it's real the stipulations are in the minimalist category, laughing, lying and loving together. And Hirsh and Smith cover this R&B number so smoothly that you wouldn't know that they have never had a true R&B influence, although they do often dabble with plenty of soul-based elements. With only a handful of releases still under their belt, the duo is quickly broadening their genre horizons in the music industry. 

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