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Nate Salman's "Be Alright" is caressing electronic pop [Premiere]

What Nate Salman describes to be a "simple song for days when it feels like we are waiting for the world to end," "Be Alright" is far from mundane sounding. After finishing his band Waterstrider's upcoming LP, this Oakland, California-native decided to craft "some simpler electronic pop productions in the interim," and we're so happy he did. 

Known for his singing, songwriting, and producing for Waterstrider, as well as his occasional collaborative work with Les Sins, Salman evidently has a lot of experience under his belt. "Be Alright" channels this very expertise in transparency, building undeniable curiosity in listeners for any and all future releases from his solo moniker. 

"Be Alright" is electronic pop's very finest specimen, where the blend of melodic vocals, steady guitar riffs, and the washing synth-heavy backdrop caress one another with ease. It's one of those tracks that doesn't leave you once you've listened once or twice. There, I've warned you.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/174446571"]

Dark Pop · Electronic · Indie · Pop


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