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Operation Mockingbird will have you hitting "Repeat" all day

To quote the great homie Napoleon Bonaparte, "history is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." While history has a way of telling us who won and what their stories are all about, it's important to get another perspective in order to fully understand the scope of what occurred. Unlike the campaign spearheaded by the CIA in the 1950's that was obsessed with having every journalist on the government's payroll, Operation Mockingbird--the group which  stems from the musical talents of mashup aficionado Cheatcode--doesn't have to throw money around to get attention. Instead, the group would rather weave a great story and let their music speak for them. 

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 Aside from it's lethal cuts courtesy of DJ Neb and mysterious, yet provoking production style from Cheat, "Repeat" plays on some tried and true Hip Hop archetypes to make its message so effective. Op Mock hasn't released any info as to whether or not the track is a single burner or part of something larger, but we're hoping it falls into the latter category.


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