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California jam band Great Spirit takes us down a cosmic-folk "Road Less Traveled" today

Bay area blues-folk trio Great Spirit bring us some easy listening this Monday with “Road Less Traveled” – the premiere track off their forthcoming EP Front Porch to Frontier (out January 13th).

The group calls their genre “cosmic mountain folk grass” – which in layman’s terms, means they sound like a Phish-lite, banjo-heavy, country-infused jam session. And while some of the tracks are full on folk-rock, like “Pretend With Me," which is reminiscent of The Lumineers, others take us to Margaritaville and down the beach-rock trail that Jimmy Buffett blazed. It seems all great wordsmiths love the imagery associated with the metaphor ”road less traveled” (see: Robert Frost, George Strait, even Whitesnake adopted the thematic symbolisms and put to music) – and it works, because no matter who you are there has been a time you didn’t follow the herd.

So break off from the pack for a minute, or whatever it is you're doing, and stream the track below. And be sure to check out these guys’ socials for when they hit that well-traveled road known as the tour circuit. 

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