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Young & Sick's BitTorrent Bundle got 200K DLs in 1 day

Singer/songwriter/graphic artist Nick Van Hofwegen (AKA Young & Sick) has released a BitTorrent Bundle for his incredible art and soulful music called “American Dreams” that digs deep into the creative process. The designer whose worked with someone the biggest names in music is a true renaissance man, a creative without limits.

This forward thinking artist knows that fans need to connect with him in order to support him so he's making it as easy as possible for you to see the whole picture. The bundle includes sketches, rough acoustic takes of early tracks, his most recent mixtape “Songs to Shave To,” and a digital tour-art book off his tour with Chance the Rapper. More art and bonus tracks are available in the premium bundle, 100% free when you subscribe with your email.

The Bundle has been downloaded 200K times a day so far. Get it HERE

Here is a teaser and one of the remixes available in the package, by a personal favourite ACT!ON


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